The ADHD Decoded Workshop: 14-16 May 2021

ADHD Decoded Introduction Workshop

The next workshop on the book "ADHD Decoded" by Ioannis Tzivanakis will take place May 14-16, 2021 online. Please contact us to learn more about course times and fees.


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Based on the book with the same title, this online workshop introduces the basic knowledge about:

1. how ADHD develops and how it can be transformed,

2. what attention is and how its nourishment contributes to a more fulfilling life.


At the same time, this workshop represents the 1st of 4 steps in the Attention Counselor Training.


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Attention Counselor Training

Recommended literature is the book "ADHD decoded" and the booklet "Attention Counseling".


The book "ADHD Decoded" contains all the basic knowledge about (1) what attention is, (2) what the causes and sources of its movement are, and (3) why these sources are of outstanding and transformative importance for all our lives.


The Booklet "Attention Counseling" introduces to the importance of time and attention. What is attention counseling and how it contributes to a fulfilling life.

ADHD Decoded
Attention Counseling