Lexicon Of Life

Does everything we do and how we are lead to contentment, freedom, wholeness and self-love or self-acceptance? To life fulfillment, in other words? Now? In the present?


In over 600 definitions in this book we gain insights into the basic building blocks of reality, into the most important life skills, into essential human characteristics, into central aspects of human existence and into key elements of life, knowledge and action.

ADHD Decoded

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ADHD Decoded

Introduction to the ADHD phenomenon, explanation about what attention is, how ADHD arises and how it can be transformed. How ADHD transformation requires change of life as a whole. More information here.

Attention Counseling

Introduction to the importance of time and attention. What is attention counseling and how it contributes to a fulfilling life. Watch the video here or visit our shop.

ADHD Decoded
Attention Counseling


What does it exactly mean to learn in freedom? What is necessary, if this freedom is not given fully? Being learn free also requires to know how learning works. Find the booklet in our shop.

Transforming ADHD

Find here a visual tour about the genesis of ADHD and its transformation. How does attention move and where? Find the booklet in our shop.

The Keys To Transforming ADHD