ADHD Decoded

The Sources Of ADHD And Their Transformative Power

"I wanted to keep this book short, but leave nothing out that is necessary to understand ADHD and (1) to "handle" it accordingly as well as (2) to discover and use the transformative power that lies in the understanding of ADHD." – Ioannis Tzivanakis

"I read a little bit every day from your book about ADHD. It is fabulous and very helpful. I see much clearer now..." – Yvonne S.


"Everyone who reads this book will emerge with a greater knowledge of the sources of ADHD and a sense of its transformative power." – Amanda B.


"Difficult to go back..." – Claudia S.

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"Amazing... it sounded so simple yet so true and intense." – Priti V.

"Truly inspiring." – Zoyi D.

"So clear and in the very end so inescapably true." – Susanne H.

"Ioannis Tzivanakis has fantastic things to share here." – Mary D.

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