“I am better at reading, I am better at calculating, I am relaxed when doing tasks. If someone annoys me, I am calmer, and if someone attacks me, I am better at defending myself.” — Julian

“Jonas got to know different techniques and tools and learned how to apply them. It was fascinating! Day by day his reading improved, day by day he made fewer mistakes in dictations.” — Jonas´ mother

“Previously there was only confusion in my head when it came to the topic of language. Now I feel that finally everything has been structured and has found its order in my head.”  — Sophie

“Warmest thanks for this wonderful meeting. You give clarity down to every detail.” — Gina 

“Thank you for this loving, very profound work. Who is willing to work on oneself, is in fact in best hands with you. Absolutely recommendable.” — Peter

“Unbelievable knowledge and finest feeling. Your clarity and authenticity are unique...” — Rachel