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The Meaningfullness Of Learning

Significant learning takes place when it is driven by meaning, i.e. by something personally significant. What is significant is what we need in every moment organismically as a whole.


Significant learning takes place when our own needs and motivations are felt in a free space so that they can blossom and activate the feeling, thinking and action that leads to their fulfilment. 

Experience As A Life Key

With each new experience we expand and enrich ourselves in our essence in various ways. We absorb new information, we acquire new skills, we change our attitudes.


The quality of our perception or intelligence can be upgraded, the well-being of our bodies can improve or deteriorate, our understanding of certain situations can be enhanced, our spiritual tranquility can be improved or destroyed, our relationships with other people can be transformed, our whole view of the world, our fundamental mode of being can shift.

Real Knowledge Is Freedom

What is wanting? Where does it come from? And what is it there for?

What is attention? Why does it move and where does it move towards?

What is learning? Through what kind of experience does it succeed?

How does learning and experience relate to real life? What is real life? Or what should real life be?

Do I really feel the questions I ask? Or do I merely think them?