Attention Counselor Training
ADHD Decoded Introduction Workshop

Based on the book of the same name, this online workshop introduces the basic knowledge about:

1. how ADHD develops and how it can be transformed,

2. what attention is and how its nourishment contributes to a more fulfilling life.

At the same time, this workshop represents the 1st of 4 steps in the Attention Counselor Training. It takes place

on September 10 and 11, 2021. 

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Workshop Transforming ADHD

The Transforming ADHD Workshop is the second step in the Attention Counselor Training.


Participants will learn about the Tzivanakis Attention Program (TAP) and go through it themselves in the workshop through the guidance of the Trainer.


They understand the importance of each step and learn about the goals that can be achieved with the TAP.


Requirement for participation:

The ADHD Decoded Workshop

Practicing & Deepening, Practice Days I

The Practice Days I are designed to allow each person who wishes to become an Attention Counselor to experience both roles - as counselor and client - under the supervision of the Trainer.


The steps of the Tzivanakis Attention Program are practiced intensively and are understood in depth by taking turns in the two roles.

This ensures a good preparation for the final step.


Requirement for participation:

The Transforming ADHD Workshop

Applying & Mastering, Practice Days II

In Practice Days II, the 4th and final step, parts of the program that have been conducted by the trainees with real clients are supervised by both the Trainer and the Trainees.


At the end strategies are discussed that are suitable for individual practices as well as for counselors working together.


Finally the corresponding media and materials are also presented.


Requirement for participation:

The Practice Days I

Preparation and requirements

The main requirements for admission and for successful participation in the Attention Counselor Training are:


(1) a down-to-earth responsibility for one's own life, 

(2) and the love for and openness to the laws of human reality.


The book "ADHD Decoded" and the booklet "Attention Counseling" are a good preparation.


ADHD Decoded
Attention Counseling